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Hi, I am Dennis Herzog from Stuttgart in Germany. I am alone and need to do everything by myself at this Website. I am going to talk about very interesting topic now, stay with me.

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I am honored and grateful I have the interest in learning more about different Arts.
Before I jump into the subject, I feel the need to mention photography art, like many other creative photographer out there, have their anxieties, dilemmas, and fears of all kinds.
Showing up, and talking about their work is hard, very hard, especially when a strong emotional attachment is at play.
My aim is to highlight the best Knowledge, I have acquiring in the past years and want to help you by providing you most interesting arts and more attractive pictures.
Due to COVID-19, the global system has been pulled into new and uncertain circumstances. New recommendations for safety and protection, the global nature of the Pandemic, and as a result consumer all human being involved in to this uncertainty. The Arts are also affected due to this pandemic.
We must remember that, “Everything in this world is temporary”, many global epidemics erupted in the past, but at last people got rid of them, just like that Covid-19 will also be eradicated.

Three Main Arts in the World of Dennis Herzog Picture Quotes

Let’s take a look at three main arts in the world, and in which Dennis Herzog is interested.

1- Dennis Herzog Picture Quotes Photography

Picture Quotes Photography popularity is still undeniable, hence all photos fairs that you can discover around the world. Nevertheless, it seems that the most expensive photographs are still sold at auction, Want to see my pictures. Dennis Herzog is interested in Art of Pictures. Visit my website: 2- Cooking Cooking is an art and patience a Virtue… Careful shopping, fresh ingredients, and an unhurried approach is nearly all you need. There is one more thing, love. Love for cooking and love for those you invite to your table. With a combination and relationship of these things you can be an artist, not perhaps in the representational method of a Dutch master, but rather more like Gauguin, the naïve, or Van Goff, the impressionist. Plates or images of sunshine taste of happiness, pleasure and love.
Looking in the history, food has always played an important role in art. Stone Age painters used to vegetables and animal fats as binding ingredients in their designs and paints, and the Egyptians carved pictographs of crops and bread on hieroglyphic tablets. Galleries of all kinds represent the work of artists in different media and genres, but due to the kind of presentation a website provides, online galleries are able to blend anything together and you should definitely take advantage of that fact.
We have a something special, something that defines me, quirks that makes me different, it’s the photographer’s job to see these aspects and showcase them is elegantly through photos. I really have great taste for photography.
I thank myself for being genuine, curious, and for investigating further because I discovered amazing people and an approach to life and work that got me thinking.
WE Find Many quotes about Food Like:
Mark Twain Said:
“The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”
Virginia Woolf quote is also reality.
“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
Cooking is the hobby of Dennis Herzog.

3- Dennis Herzog love Art Painting

During the Renaissance, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an expert in Vienna, and later, for the Royal Court in Prague the painter for the Habsburg court, painted whimsical puzzle-like portraits in which facial features with attributes were arranged and composed of fruits, dry fruites, and flowers. Painting is Dennis Herzog Art Gallery’s essential part.

For Many decades, Western culture has been reluctant to assign an inherent value or a purpose to art, even as it continues to hold art in high esteem. Though we no longer seem comfortable saying, so our reverence for art must be founded on a less time premise, that art is best for us. If we don’t believe this, then our commitment in wealth, time, and reading makes little sense. In what way might art is to be best for us? The answer, I believe, is that art is a therapeutic instrument: its value lies in its capacity to exhort, console, and guide us toward best versions of ourselves and to help us live more flourishing lives, individually and collectively.
The Main approach sees art as a succession of discoveries or innovations in the representation of fact. In this almost scientific way of evaluating art, we elevate artists who pioneered new techniques, much as we prize explorers and inventors from Past years.
This understanding of art has been in abeyance in modern age, but it is, I believe, the only plausible way of thinking about value of the arts. Other ideas, as we have seen, must tacitly assume it, even when they refuse for it. We should consider arts the part and parcel of life and give central place in modern culture, civilization and modern life.

The ability to make arts is comprises on two main factors.

1- As a Hobby

2- As a Profession

Some pursue arts activities as a hobby and some do it for a living, but no matter what road we’ve taken to unleash our imaginations and need for free self-expression, it’s pretty clear that making things is part and parcel of being human.

Dennis Herzog Creativity Relationship with Arts

Creativity is strongly related to arts. Of course, art has given people around the globe the chance to find solutions to fix problems long time ago. Conversely, science is also related to creativity.
To sum up, arts has enhanced creativity overtime. This has given people around the world the possibility to improve and be creative. Nowadays, scientists are able to divide an atom and to create huge rockets that go to the moon. This improvement is given by the fact that human beings were finding solutions when problems were presented. Also, motivation through artistic methodology has been shown especially in education, when arts have had a huge impact. Students around the world can feel that they are able to achieve something important because they feel motivated. In addition, being surrounded by arts has improved human minds in order to be the most creative. Arts exist to express, not to impress, and this definite expression has taken place when being creative, because people can think outside the box.

Creative people are able to see multiple solutions, employ original thoughts, and use their imagination. Arts promote these skills, encouraging unique responses and diverse ways of looking at things. Nevertheless, creativity is undoubtedly enhanced by arts in three, different ways. First of all, art gives the opportunity to get multiple solutions to a definite problem. Next, there is a greater use of imagination in the world of arts. Finally, arts encourage motivation. This motivation provides help to the people to be creative and make their ideas to emerge. Since 1990, Creative Art Services, Inc. has placed thousands of works of art in hundreds of locations. With a client list almost as diverse as the art itself, we work with developers, architects, Graphic designers, corporations, healthcare organizations, hospitals, and physicians.

Now it’s most important to encourage Arts, so let’s plan how to survive Art or thrive and identify Which Art is the most relevant to us? I encourage you to contact me or visit my Website. I have a reputation about excellent Arts for your consideration. I am interested in Cooking, Painting and photography as my Hobby.

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